The virtual Chief Security Officer

What is a virtual Chief Security Officer and why is it needed?

Not every company can afford to hire an IT-Security Officer. Every minute (like clockwork) new threats and risks are used to attack companies. Many victims are not aware of what happens to their private and confidential data after attacks. Hakdefnet offers its virtual Chief Security Officer as a way for SMBs to protect their data, information and company against unknown attacks.

Our v-CSO finds and detects vulnerabilities and risks that standard antiviruses and simple firewalls cannot. It identifies and shows relevant risks and helps the business understand how to protect itself against new risks. The latest IT and infrastructure risk research as well as continuous development go into improving v-CSO constantly. This is how it learns from recent
attacks. A continuously learning system is what offers the best type of protection against “cyber” attacks and the damages
that result from company and private data being compromised.

Which risks does the virtual Chief Security Officer detect or recognize?

All the common or relevant threats like blackholes, drive-by-downloads, Trojans, malware, viruses, known exploits and
phishing attacks.


What is the virtual Chief Security Officer?

The v-CSO from Hakdefnet consists of two main parts:

  • Our unique Risk Intelligence Platform Engine (RIPE)
    CyberNsight which is responsible for finding, classifying
    and understanding emerging cyber risks – also for those
    risks that are just starting to develop. CyberNsight collects
    data, classifies, analyzes, and qualifies it, so that those
    immediate risks that are important are communicated and
  • The CyberVue-Appliances help discover attacks, compile
    risk-statistics and help to defend if necessary.
    The latest discoveries from Hakdefnet’s Cyber Risk /
    Security research and development continuously go into
    CyberNsight and CyberVue.

Additional Services that you can get with our virtual Chief Security Office from Hakdefnet:

  • Standard and Customized Training
  • Automatic Updates
  • Analysis of Potential Risks and Consulting on how these can be prevented or mitigated
  • Results from Malware-Research and Cyber-Risk-Trends (via subscription)
  • Personal Support (monthly subscription at [email protected])