About us

Hakdefnet is a German Security Research Start-Up that gives customers the opportunity to protect themselves more comprehensively, cheaper and easier than ever before based on real research. We help you to analyze security gaps, find stolen data including in the Darknet, and can use that information to help you become more aware of those threats and risks by that actual research. We don’t sell fear, we teach, consult and do research that results intangible results.

Based on CyberNSight, VCISO and our RIPE Subscriptions, our customers not only know if but also how they can be attacked, and what happens with their data. This (we believe) is the only way to really minimize the damage caused by attacks, security breaches, etc. and how avoid them in the future.

Hakdefnet relies on decades of expertise in IT Security research, development and applications working with and in the security research field, we are on the front lines of security and only work with the best people in that field. We help identify attacks, understand them, and protect them. Our solution learns independently and keeps itself and you up-to- date on the latest threats and risks. This provides the basis for the best possible protection against “cyber” attacks and the loss of critical data specifically when dealing with new threats that classical Antivirus can no longer detect or find because attacks have evolved.